Memphis Christmas Jamboreve



What is the Memphis Christmas Jamboreve?

The Memphis Christmas JamborEve is a free and festive Christmas Party for all Memphians that inludes great food, music from Bluff City Soul Collective and drinks available for purchase. The fun begins at 6pm on Thursday, December 22nd at the historic Clayborn Temple in downtown Memphis.

Who can attend?

Absolutely anyone. This is an open-door Christmas party for all sorts of Memphians, even if you don't normally celebrate Christmas.

It's free? Who's behind this?

Christ City Church has been proud to sponsor the JamborEve for 6 years running now.

I don't get it... why?

We believe that there's a lot to celebrate in our city and there are precious few opportunities for all Memphians from a diversity of backgrounds to come together and simply get funky without cost and without an agenda. More importantly, no one should have to be alone on Christmas.

Is it kid friendly?

Kids love the JamborEve. At 6pm, there will be stations available for kids to play and create. But be warned: Bluff City Soul Collective goes on at 7pm, and you are gonna want to boogie, so it's also okay if you choose to get a sitter for the evening.

Do I need tickets?

Nope. But it would help if you would let us know on the Facebook event that you're coming. You can also use the event to invite some friends.